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The benefits of advertising with What’s On! Chilliwack Magazine

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Benefits of Advertising with What’s On! Chilliwack

Why You Should Look at What’s On! Chilliwack as Your Next Marketing Tool

Whether you operate a restaurant, insurance agency or a local gym, you’re always looking for new ways to find customers.  Or maybe you run a home-based business. 
Whatever business you manage, you want new people to come in the door.
What’s On! Magazines will help do just that! No other LOCAL advertising gives you so much!… Or makes your advertising dollars go further!

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Percentage of Copies Actually READ by People

It Works!

  • We have both print and digital options to get your business front and center to your clients and potential customers.
  • Every copy of every issue is actually READ!
  • What’s On! magazines are delivered to businesses and other public spaces (restaurants, ​doctor & dentist offices, Leisure Centres, Libraries etc.) with a shelf life of two months which means each copy of What’s On! is read multiple times by multiple readers!
  • What’s On! magazines are packed full of useful information about our community and readers look for the magazine to find out What’s On! in their area.
  • It’s FREE – People like things that are free especially when they are full colour and glossy! ​ What’s On! is an attractive choice for readers who pick it up and take it home to read and re-read at the leisure.

A longer shelf life means more exposure for your ad!

  • Each issue has a two month shelf life and is read and re-read which means your ad will be seen multiple times by multiple readers. They are formatted to bring the reader back to them time and time again. They are not just a one read deal and then thrown in re-cycling, our reader revisit them to remind themselves about dates of events and details, meaning your advert is viewed over and over again.
  • Your advertising dollars are stretched further with no need to spend precious advertising dollars weekly.

Take advantage of our huge following online!

  • With thousands of hits to our websites on a monthly basis, your business will benefit from our online advertising opportunities.
  • Our website is constantly being updated with upcoming events, photos from many great community events, and as well as photos of our smiling readers… which drives traffic and ensures your ad gets great exposure!

We have advertising opportunities to fit every budget!

Contact us today and let us help you find a solution that works for you!
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 604-217-6613

Non-Profit Organizations, Clubs and Associations

We’ve Got Special Programs to Help You

What’s On! Chilliwack’s goal is to support local community organizations with bringing interest to their events, their work in the community, and getting their message out to the community. To achieve this goal, What’s On! Chilliwack is proud to offer discounted rates and free space in the Events Calendar of every issue. We encourage community groups to contact us directly to discuss the best solution to meet their advertising needs.

Advertise your events in the What’s On! Chilliwack Events Calendar –
found near the front of every issue and online at
Simply send the details of your events to us using this page

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