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A&W 8249 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
A&W 45801 First Ave.
Best Western Rainbow Country Inn 43971 Industrial Way.
Carl’s Jr. 200-8236 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
Cascade Vitamins 45966 Yale Rd.
Chances Chilliwack 8180 Young Rd.
Characters Liquor Store 8559 Young Rd.
Cheam Mountain Golf Course 44610 Luckakuck Way.
Chilliwack Airport​ 46244 Airport Rd.
Chilliwack Community Services 45938 Wellington Ave.
Chilliwack Cultural Centre 9201 Corbould St.
Chilliwack Golf Club 41894 Yale Rd.
Chilliwack Landing Leisure Centre 9145 Corbould St.
Chilliwack Library 45860 First Ave.
Chilliwack Museum 45820 Spadina Ave.
Chilliwbowl Lanes 45916 Wellington Ave.
CIBC 9245 Young Rd.
Coast Chilliwack Hotel 45920 First Ave.
​Cookies Grill 44335 Yale Rd.
Corky’s Irish Pub 45844 Yale Rd.
Dairy Queen 9055 Young Rd.
Decades Coffee Club 45846 Wellington Ave.
Duke’s Country Pub & Liquor Store 41582 Yale Rd.
Friendly Mike’s Liquor Store 8247 Yale Rd.
Jimmy J’s Restaurant 8559 Young Rd.
& Liquor Store 45928 Hocking Ave.
Hampton Inn by Hilton Chilliwack 8050 Lickman Rd.
Harvest Store & Cafe 9381 Mill St.
KFC 45955 Yale Rd.
Lions Hall 9233 Main St.
May Browns 12-45905 Yale Rd.
Minter Gardens 10015 Young Rd.
Mooyah Burgers, Fries & Shakes 101-8050 Lickman Rd.
Murray Honda Chilliwack 44945 Yale Rd.
Pallioti’s Italian Rest. 500B-458050 Yale Rd.
Papa John’s Pizza 8249 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
Pita Pit 45955 Yale Rd.
​Rainbow Motor Inn 45620 Yale Rd.
Rosedale Grocery 51318 Yale Rd.
​Royal Hotel 45886 Wellington Ave.
Safeway Starbucks 45850 Yale Rd.
Save On Foods 46020 Yale Rd.
Subway 8249 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
Subway 46030 Yale Rd.
​Subway 46298 Yale Rd.
Swiss Chalet 600-8249 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
The Book Man 45939 Wellington Ave.
​TD Bank 46017 Yale Rd.
​Tim Hortons 45837 Yale Rd.
Tim Hortons 8236 Eagle Landing Pkwy.
​Tim Hortons 46345 Yale Rd.
Tim Hortons 43971 Industrial Way.
Travel Lodge Hotel & IHop 45466 Yale Rd.
Triple O’s Eagle Landing 45086 Yale Rd.
Work B.C. Employment Services Centre 46151 Yale Rd.
​Yellow Barn Country Produce 39809 No. 3 Rd.
​Younie’s Rest. 45905 Yale Rd.


A&W 5725 Vedder Rd.
​Booster Juice 8A-6014 Vedder Rd.
Bubba’s Big Bites 5885 Vedder Rd.
Burger King 45625 Luckakuck Way.
C-Lovers 7670 Vedder Rd.
CIBC 5973 Vedder Rd.
Cheam Mountain Golf Course 44610 Luckakuck Way.
Chilliwack Heritage Park 44140 Luckakuck Way.
​Chopped Leaf 106-45800 Promontory Rd.
CoCo Cafe 5960 Tyson Rd.
​Comfort Inn Chilliwack 45405 Luckakuck Way.
Cottonwood Auto Glass 4-45450 Luckakuck Way.
Cottonwood 4 Cinema 45380 Luckakuck Way.
​Cottonwood Mall – Shopper Services 45585 Luckakuck Way.
Cottonwood Meadows RV Park 44280 Luckakuck Way.
Dairy Queen 5725 Vedder Rd.
​Dancin Pizza Fleming Plaza-5960 Tyson Rd.
Donair Affair 7670 Vedder Rd.
Hugo’s Mexican Kitchen 7101 Vedder Rd.
​Jim’s Pizzeria 7901 Vedder Rd.
Jolly Miller Pub 5865 Vedder Rd.
& Liquor Store.
Little Caesars Pizza 45800 Promontory Rd.
McDonald’s 5718 Vedder Rd.
​McDonald’s 45225 Luckakuck Way.
Mr. Mikes 45200 Luckakuck Way.
​Mt. Waddington’s Outdoors 5643 Vedder Rd.
Nabi Japanese Restaurant 130b-6640 Vedder Rd.
Pizza Hut 7670 Vedder Rd.
Queen Valley Restaurant 19-6014 Vedder Rd.
Quiznos 45609 Luckakuck Way.
Ricardo’s Pizza 5725 Vedder Rd.
Ricky’s 45389 Luckakuck Way.
Royal Zayka Cuisine of India 140B-6640 Vedder Rd.
Safeway – Starbucks sitting area 45610 Luckakuck Way.
Sardis Library 5819 Tyson Rd.
Save On Foods 6014 Vedder Rd.
Subway 45280 Luckakuck Way.
Subway 4-6014 Vedder Rd.
The Other Liquor Store 110B-6640 Vedder Rd.
​Tim Hortons 45793 Luckakuck Way.
Tim Hortons 7670 Vedder Rd.
Tim Hortons 6014 Vedder Rd.
Tim Hortons 6640 Vedder Rd.
TD Bank 5973 Vedder Rd
Tourism Chilliwack 44150 Luckakuck Way.
Triple O’s Chevron 7520 Vedder Rd.
Twin Rinks 5725 Tyson Rd.
Vancity Credit Union 45617 Luckakuck Way.
Vedder River Inn 5788 Vedder Rd.
Welcome Wagon Call 1-844-299-2466
Wendy’s 7615 Vedder Rd.
​White Spot 45373 Luckakuck Way.


Cheam Leisure Centre 45501 Market Way.
Envision Financial 45595 Market Way.
Freshii 101-45655 Tamihi Way.
Save On Foods 45635 Tamihi Way.
​Waves Coffee House 45560 Market Way.


A&W Rest. 1737 Heath Rd.
Agassiz Liquor Store 1810 Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy.
Cheam Sushi 7010 Pioneer Ave.
Pizza Hut 3-7010 Pioneer Ave.
Popkum Convenience Store 53003 Bunker Rd.
Popkum Liquor Store 53003 Bunker Rd.
Rosedale Grocery 51318 Yale Rd.
Subway 1824 Agassiz-Rosedale Hwy.
Subway 53003 Bunker Rd. Pupkum.
Taj Indian Bistro 7168 Pioneer Ave.
Tim Hortons On The Run 52855 Yale Rd. Rosedale.


Harrison Beach Hotel 160 Esplanade Ave.
Harrison Hamburgers 196 Esplanade Ave.
Harrison Hot Springs Resort & Spa 100 Esplanada Ave.
Harrison Lake Hotel 190 Lillooet Rd.
Lakeview Restaurant 150 Esplanade Ave.
Muddy Water Cafe 328 Esplanade Ave.
Old Settler Pub & Liquor Store 222 Cedar Ave.
The Front Grocery 889 Hot Springs Rd.
Yakiya Sushi 140 Esplanade Ave.


Coneheads 4092 Columbia Valley Rd.
Cultus Café (John/Cindy) 4125 Columbia Valley Rd.
Cultus Lake Golf Club-Driving Range 4000 Columbia Valley Rd.
Cultus Lake Park Board Office 4165 Columbia Valley Rd.
Cultus Lake Visitor Info Centre 4165 Columbia Valley Rd.
Cultus Lake Waterslides 4150 Columbia Valley Rd.
​Esso Convenient Store 41610 Columbia Valley Rd.
Frosty’s Ice Cream/Dusty’s Dinotown 4121 Columbia Way.
Lake Side Beach Club 4131 Columbia Valley Rd.
Legends Bistro 4000 Columbia Valley Rd.


​​Dancin Pizza 42232 Yarrow Central Rd.
Envision Financial 42206 Yarrow Central Rd.
Chestnut Springs Organic Bakery 42300 Yarrow Central Rd.
Lake Side Pizza Indian Cuisine 41909 Yarrow Central Rd.
Petro Canada
Rainbow Food & Gas 42221 Yarrow Central Rd.
​(Free Coffeee Wednesday)
Yarrow Library 4670 Community St.
Yarrow Super Market 42231 Yarrow Central Rd.